How to Care For Cancer Pain at Home

Pain is a kind of subjective feeling against the harmful stimulation to the body. Cancer pain is one of the main symptoms of cancer. Particularly more than 60% patients of terminal cancer are suffering from serious pain.

For the cancer patients in family therapy who has longer course and less pain, we can relieve their pain through psychotherapy and physical therapy. It is easy to do, and can enhance their confidence to overcome the disease.

Below are some commonly used methods:

1. Psychological hint: This method is mainly to enhance the confidence of their own to overcome diseases. We imply that patients do some self-regulations, tell them that they can be cured through the treatment, and enhance their courage to survive. Give patients adequate nutrition and let them do rehabilitation training, stimulate the potential of patients to kill cancer cells and alleviate the symptoms of pain.

2. Relaxation: Relaxation can reduce body pain, muscle relaxation can block the pain response. Let the patient close eyes, breathe deeply and relax the whole body. This will let the patient feel comfortable and forget pain temporarily.

3. Physical treatment: We can stimulate the skin around the pain to stop aching. The methods include massage, wiping pain-killers and temperature stimulation. For example, use hot compress bag 20 minutes per time.

4. Attention transfer: Let the patient sit comfortably, close the eyes, recall some interesting things or do what he likes to do, each time 15 minutes. In addition, we can increase some nice music with rhythm, or some jokes and comedies. So to transfer the attention of patients and alleviate their suffering.

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